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Truffle Chocolate Manufacturers & Supplier

It is said that the Chocolate has a different perception for different people “For some there is therapy, for the rest of us there is CHOCOLATE.”

The delicacy of Chocolate is too obsessive and alluring that no one can refuse. Windsor Chocolatier is famous Truffle Chocolate Manufacturers & Suppliers in Delhi and NCR like Gurgaon, Noida etc. we have been busy in introducing the creative delicacies and making sure that each being the tastier and more exquisite than earlier. One of these developments and researches happens to be and called “The Chocolate Truffle”.

Let s Understand what are the CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES and what do real TRUFFLES contains:-

You must be wondering where the name chocolate truffle comes from. Well, the word “truffle” has been derived from a LATIN word “Lump”. Truffles are named after the mushrooms owing to their similarities. The first crude chocolate was produced to look like the lumps or the truffle lumps.

Truffles come from the family of fungi that is produced underground, usually under trees like Oak, Hazel, and Poplar. Since they were grown underground it was not easy to locate them. Farmers used to look for fungal growth with the help of pigs. Later on, the mushrooms happened to be the pig’s favorite cuisine and they started eating them. Nowadays, dogs are given special training to sniff out mushrooms and they do not eat it up.

Windsor Chocolatier manufacturing Truffle Chocolate comprising of a ganache or in other words the mixture of bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream on it. We keep supplying Truffle Chocolate into all Delhi NCR, Truffle Chocolate demand comes frequently in market & we can supply these Truffle Chocolate in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or all area of Delhi NCR.

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